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My Story

Ten years ago, I embarked on a journey that would change my life forever. With just two suitcases and a heart full of dreams, I left my homeland of China behind to pursue the American dream. This was a leap into the unknown, a leap that would test my mettle and define my character. Fast forward to today, ten years later, I stand as a first-generation college student in my family, the first to earn a Master's Degree, and a first-generation Chinese American. Along this path, I've faced and conquered numerous adversities, accumulating a wealth of life accomplishments. Through these experiences, I've come to realize that my life's purpose revolves around shattering personal barriers. I find immense joy in empowering others to break through their limitations, while simultaneously challenging and dismantling my own misconceptions, always seeking fresh perspectives and opportunities to grow. As a career-driven individual, I've set my sights on a long-term goal: to make a profound impact in the realm of learning and development, all while remaining acutely aware of my own leadership journey. This is the essence of who I am—a constant evolver, an adaptor, an eternal learner, and an enthusiast of a life fully embraced.


Current Role

Instructional Designer at 

  • Analyze training needs: Leverage surveys, data, interviews, and stakeholder consultations to pinpoint knowledge gaps and learning requirements.

  • Design engaging learning experiences: Develop comprehensive training outlines, curate engaging content, and incorporate interactive activities and media (audio, video, simulations) to foster effective knowledge transfer.

  • Deliver impactful training: Facilitate in-person, virtual ILT, and e-learning sessions with expertise in various instructional methodologies to maximize learner engagement and knowledge retention.

  • Measure success: Devise assessments, analyze data, and report on program effectiveness, ensuring continuous improvement of training initiatives.

  • Lead and collaborate: Train specialists on new programs, maintain project documentation, and contribute to team success while upholding quality standards and compliance regulations.

  • Stay current: Continuously seek and apply best practices in instructional design and learning technologies to ensure cutting-edge training solutions.

Professional Journey


  • Instructional Designer

  • Training and Development Specialist, L&D


  • Technology Enablement Specialist

  • Professional Development Trainer


  • Public Speaking Coach

  • Writing Instructor


  • Digital Learning Designer

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